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About us

Grace of Miqlat International Ministries is a family oriented organization serving inner city families. The overall purpose of Grace of Miqlat is to empower people and families by building spiritually minded, self reliable and capable families of various household makeups.  We engage in family outreach and educational development through group and individual training and Christian Ministries.


Grace of Miqlat focuses on the issues of greatest local concern such as city services, drugs, crime, housing, jobs, access to healthcare, schools, financial literacy and Christian values.


Grace of Miqlat's Literacy Feeds the Masses program focuses on the empowerment of the people through community outreach, educational and financial literacy guided in the belief that “People are destroyed from lack of Knowledge”.  (Hosea 4:6)


Grace of Miqlat share in the fight to protect children against predators. Its SCREAM ministry addresses prevention from abuse. Children and adults in school and the community are taught technics and awareness to help keep children safe.


Grace of Miqlat was organized with a mission to reach individuals and the community for Jesus Christ. This mission involves assisting families with the basic of needs along with the invitation to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace of Miqlat is registered as a (501c3) tax exempt organization.


Miqlat: is a Hebrew word that means refuge; a place of Safety.

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